Wire wrap it

The first time you’ve probably come to work with wire is to create earring drops with headpins, creating loops or mastering the wrapped loop. There is so much more that can be done with wire and it’s slightly addictive once it starts to go right, but check out below to get started with wrapped loops & more…

Creating a wire wrapped loop

Wire gauges

There are a few different materials to purchase wire in, plated copper, aluminium & more precious metals like sterling silver & gold. But once you’ve chosen the material what gauge do you need??

Something to try

So once you’re happy with creating wrapped loops why not try this great tutorial to create a wire wrapped cluster of beads¬†which can be incorporated into your designs

Wire wrap briolettes & beads

Chinese Ammazonite  faceted briolettes
Chinese Ammazonite faceted briolettes

Create your own gemstone charms by wire wrapping briolettes and top side drilled beads, we have a fantastic Fabulous Friday on wire wrapping Briolettes coming soon……

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