Chan Luu Style Wrap Bracelets

Ever wondered how to make Chan Luu style wrap bracelets! Find out how here!

This project uses
2m x 2mm leather or waxed cord
3m x C-Lon Beading Cord (tex210)
2 x 6/0 seed beads
1 strand x 6mm round beads
1 x shank button
Thread zapper
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Thread 2 metres of 2mm leather/waxed cord through the button shank so the button is central to the cord and you have two equal lengths either side

Repeat with 3metre of C-Lon, threading it through the shank leaving equal lengths of thread either side of the button

Using a board such as a clip board/macrame board/jewellery tray etc. Secure the cord around the board by looping around the tray and knotting the cord at a length where it can be looped around the button. Use a bulldog clip if the cords aren’t tightly secured. Ensure the threads are free

Take hold of the threads and begin to macrame the thread down the cord below the button. To do this create a semi circle shape against the cord with the right hand thread.

Using the left hand thread, go over the opposite thread under the cords and up through the semi circle and pull tight

Repeat the above step on the opposite side creating semi circle shape against the cords. With the right hand thread go over the thread, under the cord and up through the semi circle and pull tight

Switch from left to right. If you forget which side you are on, you always make the semi circle on the side of the little knot on the last row of stitches you’ve done

Continue this macrame knotting for 1-2cm

When ready to start adding the beads Take both threads up through the centre of the cords

Take a seed bead first and bypass both threads through the bead, passing the left hand cord to the right and the right hand cord to the left.

Then take the threads around each cord and back up through the middle of the cords, then start adding the 6mm beads

Once you have nearly two wraps length around your wrist use a 6/0 seed bead for your last bead & return to the macrame knotting pattern. Glue under the cords to secure the thread. Then cut and zap the remaining thread (see below)

Leave a gap for your button hole, then take a 20-30cm length of C-Lon and macrame another 1cm, glue the cord beneath where you want the macrame to sit, seal of the ends with a zapper when you have the desired length

To use a zapper, cut the remaining cords so only inch long tails are left and zap the threads close to the final macrame knots, this will seal the threads to each other

Remove the cords from the board and tie a knot in your cords directly after the macrame and leaving short tails trim away the excess cord.

Your bracelet is complete!