Bracelets, bracelets & more bracelets…

There are a whole array of bracelet designs which can be created and once the simple basics are mastered there are lots of ways to advance your designs.

Stretch bracelets

Pick 'n' mix to create your own style
Pick ‘n’ mix to create your own style

The simplest of bracelets, yet the ability to create stunning designs. Using a stretch cord such as stretch magic and your choice of beads, simply thread and knot tightly. Although we love the latest stacking bracelet styles using multiple bracelets made with mini beads. Tip: 0.7mm gauge cord fits a good selection of beads with a good strength

Beading wire bracelets

imageDesigning using beading wire and clasps can create a classic looking style, but asides from a simple single strand, these can be advanced to multiple strands or even ladder weave designs. Play with different style clasps to add to the design.



Memory wire bracelets

imageGreat for creating cuff style bracelets. We recommend investing in pair of memory wire snips to cut lengths from the coil. Decide on the number of coils you want and start designing. For a quick tutorial click here. Add charms to the end loops to personalise your design further.

Friendship bracelets

imageHaving seen a resurgence in popularity over the past years, the simple friendship bracelet is a great technique which can be used over & over once you have learnt to tie a slip knot. Add beads, charms and develop your knotting skills to advance your designs.